The Tattoos and Art of Cynthia Rudzis
Cynthia Rudzis
I will be finishing the work on my schedule,that I have agreed to discuss, or that is schedule for a consultation and then I WILL BE TAKING A SABBATICAL FROM TATTOOING in order to work behind the scenes at Cirque Du Rouge. I am always happy to recommend other artists here at Cirque to help you find the best fit. Every artist here is creative, attentive and serious about their work. As always, a sincere thank you for your continued support, encouragement, and patience.
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Instagram is what I update almost daily. Although you may see sketches there, they are not posted as a "preview' before anyone's tattoo, but more as part of a daily routine. If you don't like dogs, cats, horses, lizards, chickens, or taxidermy and only want to see photos of tattoos and instagram account may not appeal to you.